Proposals for Transports
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1. Ever-Flying Aircraft                         

  The 10-12 level of reliability aircraft, with 10-12 level of highly reliable hardware systems and with autonomous / reconfiguration coEver-Flying Aircraft Conceptntrol laws is proposed to be relised.
  The regulation change from 10-9 is required. However, more safety and reliable operation is promised with limited cost increase

2. Single Pilot Operation                        

Single Pilot Opreation Concept
 The single pilot operation for the transport is possible with the autonomous control laws, and highly reliable flight control system.  The harmonized pilot operation system is to be introduced.

3. Highly Reliable and Safety Flight Control System      

Highly Reliable FCS Concept

  The 10-13 level of reliabilty for the sensors, the actuators, and the computers for the flight control system are possible, refrainig from the cost increase.

4. Flexible Actuation System                    

  The multi-success paths for the actuation in the flight control system could be realised thru the differntial elevaors, simultaneous ailerons, the split rudders, differential engine operation, etc. The control computer for the actuators of each effector, and for each axes plays key roles to actuate those effectors in a group in a proper way
 This is the essential concept for the ultra highly reliable aircraft system, and the ever-flying aircraft.

5. Autonomous / Reconfiguration Control

   The autonomous control, including to the interfaces with the air traffic control system should be realised thru the fuzzy expert the author, which is more certain than the artificial brain control.Reconfiguratio Control Concept
   The reflex action type of the implecit FDI (fault detection and identification) could be conformed the first step for the reconfiguratiom control with the Flexible Actuation System. The ordinal autonomous control can be second step for the reconfiguration. Those two steps complete the reconfiguration control
  Again, the artificial brain control, applying the neural network,and the inverse function method, for example, is to be useful tool thru some more flight tests.

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note :Fuzzy Expert System
    ; Fuzzy Control + Expert System Control


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