1. Practical Small UAV

   ; accepting the request for the design , and /or manufacturing

 - Easy & Safe Operation & RetrievalPractical Small Aircraft Concept
 - Simple System & Limited Ground Space
 - Small,Electric Driven
<Payload> : 250-500g (for cameras, other sensors, etc.)
<Mission> :
60 min. or shorter

1) Normal Configuration Type with Parachute

UAV with Parachute
 - parachute deployment only in the retrieval phase


2) Tail-Sitter Type                             

Tail Sitter UAV
- vertical take off and landing
  - conventional level flight
  - hovering in a vertical position

2. Stratospheric Long Endurance UAV Satellite         

 The fixed wing type of storatospheric satellite has a most prospective feasibility to be realised. The aircraft image is the Helios with the convensional tail configuration
Storatospheric Long Endurance UAV Concept

 The Required energy is to be saved by 20-40%, applying a bird flying technique or utilizing wind in the atmosphere

 The current technology for the energy is applicable as it is.

The government base funding is required.

3. Large Unmanned Cargo Aircraft                   

  The unmanned cargo , modified from, say B-777C, could be an innovator for the worldwide cargo handling system.
  The unmanned ground facicllities shoud be accompanied, eccept the customs clearance portion.
  The government funding is required for the the system innitiation phase.

4, UAV NAS Flight Rule                         

   The civil mission for the UAV has been getting popularity, such as in surveylance on mountain fire, weather, disaster area, border patrol, etc. There is a news the Global Hawk flew cross the pacific ocean. The US project for the movement ACCESS 5 is completed.
   The early regulatory processing is required.

<prerequsites> ROA, under Current ATC, Safe Flight Termination,

<classification>- same requirements as in manned, includ, reliability
  - limited operation with expendable features,but sure and safe termination

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